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Of a special relationship between the canvas , the brushes and the paint, " it is a passion so strong"

Greg Bisch of the The Kitchener Waterloo RECORD

"She has focused on florals and landscapes and, in addition to many area locations, is well known for her portrayals of Mediterranean locales"

Carmen Bellissimo of the Cambridge Reporter

"The French Impressionist's style of painting is reflected in Ms. D'Angelo's own unique looser brush strokes and similar warm array of colour...soothe the imagination and transform the mind to the same sunny landscapes captured on canvas. Its spectrums and summer skies as symbolic of her enthusiasm for her work"

Heather Hamilton of the Cambridge Reporter

"She has shaped the influence into an Impressionistic dialect marked by bursts of intense colour ... The effect is like holding a huge bouquet in your arms. you no longer merely see or smell the flowers; they become an up-close-and-personal experience that you absorb in detail..D'Angelo's scenes...are perceptions of a world penetrated by sunlight"

B.A. Sweeney of The Herald of Wall Township, NJ

"What keeps me admiring D'Angelo's painting is her gutsy approach to her colours and her paints. I feel charged by her vision!"

Jonathan Harrison of The Cambridge Reporter

"Her forte is her ability to capture light and colour, to leave an impression of a place, to hint at the beauty of a location"

Keren Adderley of The Cambridge Times


"What impressed me most was the depth of abandon in them. Bianca had recreated sunny white stucco walls, curving steps, deep blue skies, deeper blue seas, tumble down oranges, trees in pink bloom, red Vespa motor scooters and doors, blue doors" 

Jonathan Harrison of The Cambridge Reporter

"On the day she unveiled her (Memories of Greece) collection, D'Angelo sold nine of the 25 paintings in just two hours!" 

Paula Schuck of The Kitchener Waterloo Record

'The artist deals more with the interplay of light within the scene. But light is not simply a yellow swath bathing the subject-it is a swirl of colour, diffuse, affecting everything it touches" 

Mark Walma of The Cambridge Times

"D'Angelo's talent is obvious, but it will be her growing confidence in her abilities as an artist that will make her future bright" 

Mark Walma of The Cambridge Times